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Restaurant Insurance Information

Image of an empty restaurantThe restaurant business is one of the most competitive, so you don't need another stressor. Make sure all of the hard work, the sweat and tears, and the money you've put into your restaurant is protected. The right agency will take the time to answer all of your questions and tailor a policy to your business. You should feel confident that someone has your back, and with S.J. Markham & Son, Inc., we promise to always look out for you and treat you like one of our own. 


Why you need insurance

Restaurants face all of the hazards a typical business owner faces, such as a slip and fall in an icy parking lot, or loss of revenue from a power outage, but restaurants have their own unique hazards too. Serving food to customers means risking lawsuits from food poisoning. Relying on refrigerators to keep food items cool means risking closing the doors temporarily if that equipment suddenly fails. With the right insurance, you will be protected against risks from lawsuits, accidents, human error, and more. A good policy prevents financial situations that are impossible to recover from.


Who needs insurance

Whether you're running a sandwich shop, a pub, or five-star restaurant, you need to be protected should the unthinkable happen. Depending on what state you're operating in, you also may legally need insurance:

All employers operating in Massachusetts are legally required to carry workers' compensation and all employers using vehicles commercially are required to have commercial auto insurance. Any Massachusetts business requesting a liquor license must present proof of liquor liability insurance. 

In Connecticut, all businesses with one or more employees are legally required by law to have workers' compensation (except those able to self-insure).


Types of coverage

Restaurant owners have much to consider when designing their insurance portfolios. Generally speaking though, the following policies are must-haves!

  • Property insurance: Offers financial protection in the event that the restaurant’s property (either its building structure or contents) is ruined or damaged in an insurable event such as a fire or theft.
  • Workers' compensation insurance: This pays for medical expenses and some lost wages should an employee be injured on the job.
  • General liability: Also known as slip and fall insurance, this is what covers you if someone is hurt or their property is damaged on your premises.Restaurant kitchen with cooks preparing
  • Liquor legal liability insurance: This can help pay legal expenses and claims brought on by customers who may be injured by an individual who was drinking in your establishment.
  • Product liability: Protects you from lawsuits derived from a medical issue related to the ingestion of your food. 


Here are a few additional insurance options restaurateurs can pick from to help minimize their financial risk from lawsuits, failed equipment, and property losses.

  • Spoilage coverage: Provides payment if power is lost or equipment malfunctions and the perishable food on hand spoils.
  • Employment practices liability: Protects against lawsuits for various employee complaints including discrimination, provided the treatment was not willful.
  • Equipment breakdown: Covers the cost of repair for equipment that has broken down including cookers, refrigerators and air conditioning units. It's worthwhile to note that if the breakdown occurs due to lack of proper maintenance, the claim may not be covered.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Provides coverage if you have company cars like delivery vans and private cars used for work purposes. 
  • Business continuation insurance: Provides ongoing income in the event that your business is forced to shut down. Alternatively, it could pay for some of the expenses of temporary relocation of your restaurant.

Restaurants may also be able to secure all-in-one coverage, which is a comprehensive policy that is tailored to the many facets of risks that restaurant owners face.


Bar in dim light

What determines your rate

The amount you pay for insurance depends the risks your restaurant faces. Your rate is based on many factors such as your cooking methods, your equipment, your building, the food you sell, and your employees. The hours you operate, your location, and your total revenue and liquor sales are also considered.

Therefore, it's really hard to say the average small pub pays X amount for insurance or most diners pay X amount. We know no-one likes to hear this, but it is complicated!

The good news is that you can get a quote online with us in no time. We shop around and price compare for you, and there is no obligation or fee. 


What to watch out for

Buying insurance for your restaurant is serious. There is a lot to consider and a lot to know. You want to be protected in case anything happens, but you don't want to carry a bunch of policies you don't need. You want an agent who has experience with restaurants. You also want someone who is straight-forward and will not let you purchase something you do not need. Your agent should know local and state laws regarding how much insurance you're required to carry. Do not risk letting all of your hard work wash down the drain with a bad policy. 

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