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Daycare Insurance Information

Whether you provide in-home daycare services or you have a commercial facility, you want insurance protection in order to continue operating your business. If anything goes wrong at your facility, you should prepare to be held responsible, regardless of fault. Daycare insurance protects your finances from the cost of lawsuits and property damages. Having insurance also shows parents just how seriously you take the care of their children.


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Who needs daycare insurance?

In-home daycare providers

Commercial daycare providers

Businesses offering daycare to employees or to customers


What risks do childcare providers face?

Childcare providers face many risks, some due to children and some due to parents! As any childcare provider knows, children can hurt themselves playing, they make mistakes and could unintentionally harm someone or something else, and they are full of surprises. The largest risk is liability. A parent could sue you if their child is injured or if they feel you did not provide adequate care. Even if you are cleared of any wrong-doing, the financial costs of going to court are very high. Daycare providers also risk allegations of neglect or abuse.

Then there are the risks that you may not have considered, such as damage to any expensive supplies or to your building. A child could draw on your walls, knock over a computer, or smash your tablet. Risks facing other business owners, such as loss of income from having to temporarily close your doors, also apply to those providing childcare.


What types of insurance are available?

Each daycare or in-home child care provider is slightly different, which is why you want policies that are catered specifically to you. If you are transporting children on field trips or if you have a swimming pool in your back yard, your policy needs to reflect these aspects of your business. Some of the different types of insurance that may apply to you are below.

General liability insurance is essential for both commercial and in-home care. With general liability insurance, if a child is injured under your care, medical costs are covered. If a parent decides to sue you, you need general liability. When securing liability insurance, you want to consider both the deductible you can afford and reasonable limits. As this is one of the largest risks you'll face, many daycare providers choose high limits.

Professional liability insurance is another form of insurance that all childcare providers should seriously consider. It protects you for negligent supervision for childcare. For example, if you were to forget to give a child their medication or accidentally fed peanut butter to a child with allergies and the child's parents sued you, you would want to have professional liability coverage.

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Property insurance should be secured by all daycare service providers. When you have a commercial facility, you can secure a commercial property insurance policy that protects the building, its contents, and some outside structures. In-home daycare providers should consider a home insurance policy that includes protection for their business practices.

Abuse and molestation liability is a type of coverage that everyone hopes never to use but provides coverage if an employee is abusive.

Workers' compensation is required by the state of Massachusetts. This type of coverage protects you if any of your employees are injured on the job. Scroll down to the workers' compensation portion of our commercial and business page to learn more. 

Commercial auto insurance will cover you if you are transporting children as part of your childcare. This type of policy covers repair costs and lawsuits.

Umbrella insurance is designed to protect you if you exceed your limits on your other policies.


What do in-home providers need to consider?

In-home providers should be aware that their homeowner's policy will NOT cover any sort of claim related to in-home daycare. This is why purchasing a policy that is especially designed for in-home businesses is a must. It’s important to note that auto insurance and flood insurance need to be purchased separately.

If you use your personal vehicle to transport children and are in an accident, your provider will NOT cover any of your expenses. Providers require a separate policy when the vehicle is used for business purposes.

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