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Emma Derr has been with us for two years as of today! We're happy to have had another year with Emma's cheerful face manning the front desk and helping our customers. We are so lucky to work with this lovely lady! READ MORE >>

Michaela Bailey celebrated her five year anniversary with us last Friday! How did we celebrate? With lobster and cheesecake of course. We are so thankful to have spent another year with Michaela. She always brightens up the office! READ MORE >>

Last year, 163 children under the age of 15 drowned in pools or spas across the US. The CDC reports that around ten people die from drowning every day. Just this weekend, a five-year old boy drowned in Lowell Lake State Park and his grandmother died trying to save him. READ MORE >>

We're so excited for the Fourth of July! Well....sort-of....   Just wait a minute before you get all hot and bothered. No, we do not hate America. We're patriotic people too, but July 4th is one of the scariest holidays for anyone in insurance. Why? READ MORE >>

If you own your business, you reap the rewards but you also shoulder a lot of responsibility. Your customers and employees are counting on you to keep the doors open. Every decision and risk you make impacts the future of your business.   READ MORE >>

Rhode Island is the latest state to ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving. From June 1st onwards, if you're caught driving with a cell phone in hand, you face up to a $100 fine. The good news is that Rhode Island is serious about safety and really isn't out to increase revenue. READ MORE >>

We work with a lot of wonderful companies at SJ Markham & Son, Inc. One of those companies is Arbella. Arbella is currently raising money for the Special Olympics of Massachusetts (SOMA) and they were kind enough to double our donation (to be fair, they are doubling everyone's donations)! READ MORE >>

Have you seen the bumper sticker, "Check Twice, Save a Life" recently? Being aware of motorcycles while driving is a must, but it can be hard when most of us are conditioned and taught to look only for larger vehicles.  If you're not a biker, understanding the risks for those riding is a serious challenge. READ MORE >>

Lisa has been at SJ Markham & Son, Inc. for three years! Lisa Curley   Lisa's three year anniversary was actually March 16th. We posted our thank you on Facebook, but forgot the website! So, we would like to send our belated thank you to the lovely Lisa Curley for her tireless work and commitment to our clients. READ MORE >>

We're a small, family-run company where everyone appreciates the value of a hard day's work and helping our customers. That's why we want to show our support for the local businesses we insure. Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with a lot of great people in commercial lines, from doctors to truckers to construction companies and restaurants. READ MORE >>

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