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Serving Northern Worcester County and beyond since at least 1919, S.J. Markham & Son Inc. has the experience and knowledge to find you the right policies at the lowest possible cost. We will protect everything in your life that needs protecting. Whether it is your car, home, business, or even your ATV, boat, or airplane, we have a policy that will meet your needs. We have customers from all over New England who come to us for our straight-forward approach. We are certified in MA and NH.

We make getting to know our customers a priority and take pride in being a friendly, down-to-earth insurance agency. As a family-run company, we treat our clients like family. When you come into our office, do not be surprised when we remember your name. Our goal is to make your life easier, and we do this by handling everything for you. 

See our Company Mission Statement and Vision to learn more about our goals and standards.


Conveniently located on Main Street in Fitchburg!

Agency History

S.J. Markham & Son, Inc. is a family owned and operated agency that has always been based in downtown Fitchburg, MA. Stephen James (SJ) Markham worked in the insurance industry for some time before deciding to take the leap and start his own company. This was nearly 100 years ago during the Industrial Revolution when Fitchburg was a mill town. We have records of SJ working since at least January of 1918: The very first entry in a ledger we've found was for a claim likely caused by an overheated boiler on January 1, 1918. The agency was officially incorporated in 1919.


The original S.J. Markham after whom the agency is named

Following in Stephen's footsteps was his son, Stephen James Junior, who worked alongside his father and eventually took over running the agency. Junior attended MIT and headed out to Colorado after graduation. There he found out he really enjoyed investing in mining but not working in mines. Junior returned home to work with his father. With Junior having a knack for numbers, SJ and Junior worked well together. The father and son became partners officially in October 1919. Junior eventually bought the company from his father. With Junior running the show, the "son" in S.J. Markham & Son became Junior's eldest son, Stephen. Stephen graduated from Middlebury a year early and returned home to work for his father. Junior's second son, Robert or Bob, also returned home from Canada and worked at SJ Markham & Son, Inc. 

Junior with wife

Stephen left the company to pursue teaching. With help from his wife Elizabeth, Bob was eventually able to buy the agency from Junior's wife, Ann, in 1956. Bob worked at the company for sixty years until shortly before he passed away in 2017. This is the one and only place Bob ever worked. During Bob's lifetime, three of his children worked here, including his sons Ed and Tim and his late daughter, Elizabeth. Tim worked at the agency with Bob until 2017. 

Bob Markham

The agency is currently lead by Ed Markham's wife, Dottie. You can learn more about our wonderful, current employees by reading these blog posts

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